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100% Kona Coffee: Sampler Set

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Discover the Full Spectrum of 100% Kona Coffee with Our Sampler Set

Unlock the world of 100% Kona Coffee with our Sampler Set - a tantalizing trio of the finest Kona roasts. This set includes three 2oz samplers, offering you a captivating journey through the rich, diverse flavors of the Big Island.

What's Inside:

  • Medium Roast: Immerse yourself in the balanced and nuanced flavors of our Medium Roast, a true representation of Kona's coffee heritage.

  • Dark Roast: Experience the bold and robust notes of our Dark Roast, where the depth of flavor takes center stage, delighting aficionados of deep, intense coffee.

  • Black & Tan: Savor the harmonious symphony of flavors in our Black & Tan, where the meeting of light and dark roasts results in a coffee blend that's both bold and smooth.

Why Choose Our 100% Kona Coffee Sampler Set?

Are you or a loved one a true coffee enthusiast, yearning to explore the wide spectrum of Kona Coffee's flavors? Our Sampler Set is the ideal choice, offering a perfect gift for coffee lovers who appreciate exceptional quality and a diverse coffee experience.

With this thoughtfully curated selection, you can delight in the unique character of each roast. Whether you savor the medium, embrace the dark, or relish the intriguing blend of our Black & Tan, this Sampler Set promises an enriching coffee journey.

Indulge in the essence of 100% Kona Coffee and share the gift of exceptional coffee with our Sampler Set. It's the perfect opportunity to explore the remarkable flavors that have made Kona Coffee world-renowned. Elevate your coffee experience today and delight in the captivating variety of Kona's finest.


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