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Our Team


Danielle, the visionary founder and co-owner of Hala Tree Coffee, channels her boundless creativity and unwavering pursuit of perfection, cultivated during her prior career as an Interior Designer in Paris and New Jersey, into every facet of our coffee venture.

From conceiving the logo, to crafting distinctive packaging, shaping our brand identity, meticulously designing our shop, curating eye-catching displays, and establishing our welcoming visitor center, Danielle leaves her indelible mark on all that encompasses Hala Tree Coffee.

Her profound passion for exceptional coffee and an unwavering appreciation for flavor diversity led her to attain the coveted title of a Q grader. Ever on a quest for coffee excellence, she actively engages in reshaping existing roast profiles and innovating new ones season after season. Collaborating with her team, she continuously fuels the creative process to bring forth a thoughtfully curated Micro Batch collection.


Jean is the founder and owner of HALA TREE COFFEE. Jean left France for a high profile career in finances. His last position was on Wall Street New York. From this very demanding career he brought to the table his relentless energy and business knowledge. Hala Tree Coffee rapidly evolved from its humble beginning as a small 6 acres farm to 46 acres successful business and outstanding Kona Coffee recognized both by his fellow coffee farmers as well as customers all over the World.

High achiever in everything including sport Jean, an accomplished athlete finished 12 Iron Man races including the prized Kona race. 


KATHERINE KEITH | General Manager

Kat has been with hala Tree coffee for over 7 years , she basically grew with the company. Witnessing its humble beginning and struggle to emerge as one of the largest and successful Kona Coffee Farm today. She is an avid learner and alway up for a challenge. Kat single handedly  manned our wet mill, processing 2000 pounds of cherries or more daily for a couple of years before moving to a manager position. Her functions are as diverse as many. She is in charge of the field crew making sure that all aspects of the coffee farming is attended to in time. Scheduling general cleaning, pest control, pruning, clipping, harvest, wet milling schedules on our fields as well as on the farms we are managing. Over the years she became efficient and knowledgeable in all domains. She is also incharge of the wholesale clients for green and roasted coffee. She does accounting and pays bills. She is a one woman show.Kat built her own home, adding to the original structure over the years. It is now a two story affair with a walk in closet and all.


CARLY STANLEY (Cee) | Store Manager

Cee is the production manager at Hala Tree Coffee. She has been working hands on with our retail and clients for four years and counting. Cee focuses mainly with wholesale orders, client orders and ensuring everything in the shop is running smoothly. You can find her with a big smile talking coffee to new clients from all over the world. When she is not taking care of clients she is out on the field doing farm and brewing tours or roasting fresh small batches of coffee. Born and raised in the windy city of Chicago, she came out to visit her best friend (farm manager: Kat) she met in 2014 in the mountains of Montana. While on her journey, Cee joined the Hala Tree team as one of our first employees. Once the pandemic began, Cee decided to stay in the tropics and call Big Island home. While working on the farm she had an unexpected blessing come into her life. A stray dog showed up on the farm and refused to leave. This is when the two became inseparable. You can find Rajah greeting guests and chasing off pigs on our 6 acres during the week days.



Marissa is the last addition to our team becoming within weeks a valuable asset to our operation. She is in charge of our roasting production. She can manage the large 33lb Mill City Drum Roasted as well as our small 15lb Hash Fluid Bed Roaster. Googling with the two options 

Making sure that the shelves in our shop are filled with freshly roasted every day. She leads Farm tours, Roasting tours and Brewing workshops. She is passionate and curious about everything coffee related.

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