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100% Kona Coffee | Naturals

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Experience the Unique Flavors of 100% Kona Coffee: Naturals

Indulge in the extraordinary with our 100% Kona Coffee: Naturals, a coffee that embodies the essence of innovation and quality. Crafted through a distinctive process, these beans are dried inside the cherry, allowing them to absorb the flavors of the fruit itself, creating a truly unique and exceptional cup of coffee.

A Process that Elevates Quality

At the heart of our Naturals lies a meticulous process that ensures the highest quality. Picking takes place during the wet season, and the drying phase is paramount in achieving perfection. Our machines are expertly calibrated to prevent any molding during the drying process, assuring you the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Roasting Profile:

  • Roast Level: Medium

  • Drop Temperature: 406°F after the first crack

Tasting Notes:

 Savor the symphony of flavors that our Naturals deliver:

  • Balsamic Vinaigrette: A unique and tangy note that delights the palate.

  • Brown Sugar: A sweet, comforting essence.

  • Tangerine: Adds a burst of citrus brightness.

  • Black Cherry: A deep and fruity layer.

  • Mulled Wine: A hint of warmth and spice.

  • Strawberry: A sweet and refreshing note.

  • Honeysuckle: A delicate floral nuance.

  • Butterscotch: Rich and indulgent sweetness.

  • Lime: A zesty, citrusy kick.

  • Candy-Like: A touch of confectionary delight.

Brewing Methods: Explore the Pour Over

For an exceptional brewing experience, we recommend using the pour-over method. This approach allows the coffee's delicate nuances and complexity to shine, providing you with the most exquisite cup of Naturals.

Join Our Coffee Club

To ensure a consistent supply of this remarkable coffee, consider joining our coffee club. As a member, you'll enjoy a 10% discount throughout your subscription, offering both convenience and savings. It's the perfect way to ensure you always have your favorite Kona coffee at your fingertips.

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  • 5
    just what was ordered

    Posted by carl a simmons on Nov 13th 2023

    The product was fresh and got here fast

  • 5
    Hala Tree Naturals

    Posted by Charles Xu on Jun 29th 2023

    The Red Bourbon Naturals was my favorite. The Naturals takes the spot after the Red Bourbon Naturals batch became unavailable. This is a medium body with balanced and velvety mouthfeel. Bright and crisp, very smooth, clean and lust finish.

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