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100% Kona Coffee | Honey Dark Roast

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Unleash the Flavorful Richness of 100% Kona Coffee: Honey Dark Roast

Delve into the realm of extraordinary coffee with our 100% Kona Coffee: Honey Dark Roast. This exceptional coffee is the result of a meticulous process that not only celebrates the natural sweetness of Kona coffee beans but elevates it to new heights. Hand-picked and pulped but unwashed and unfermented, this unique method ensures the beans retain their innate sugars, which caramelize during drying and roasting, leading to a transformative flavor that has made it our best seller.

A Process That Redefines Coffee

Our honey process is the secret behind the unique character of this coffee. By preserving the natural sugars on the beans, they undergo a magical transformation during the drying and roasting process. The result is a dark roast that tastes like pure indulgence, with a rich, chocolatey essence and a remarkable reduction in acidity.

Tasting Notes:

Experience the symphony of flavors that our Honey Dark Roast brings to your palate:

  • Roasted Chestnuts: A deep, smoky note that adds a layer of complexity.

  • Marzipan: Sweet and nutty, reminiscent of the finest confections.

  • Almond: A delicate nuttiness that complements the overall profile.

  • Cocoa Nibs: The essence of chocolate in every sip.

  • Fresh Cedar: A touch of woodiness that enhances the aroma.

  • Bittersweet Chocolate: The satisfying depth of dark chocolate.

  • Pipe Tobacco: A note of earthiness and warmth.

  • Spicy Full Body: A bold and hearty texture that leaves an impression.

Best Brewing Methods: Explore the Chemex

While our Honey Dark Roast can be brewed using various methods, we highly recommend the Chemex for a brewing experience that brings out the coffee's fullest potential. The unique qualities of this coffee shine when brewed with care, making the Chemex the ideal choice.

Join Our Coffee Club

For those who truly savor this remarkable coffee and want to ensure a steady supply, consider joining our coffee club. As a member, you'll enjoy a 10% discount throughout your subscription, providing both convenience and savings. It's a way to ensure you always have your favorite Kona coffee at your fingertips.

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