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100% Kona Coffee - Dark roast

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Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Hala Tree's 100% Kona Coffee: Dark Roast

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Kona Coffee with our "100% Kona Coffee: Dark Roast." Crafted with precision, this dark roast is a testament to the highest quality and time-honored traditions.

Exceptional Beans, Exceptional Coffee:

Our Dark Roast is crafted from the finest coffee beans. These beans are meticulously grown and hand-picked to ensure unparalleled quality. Processed using the Wet Fermented method, they represent the pinnacle of Kona Coffee excellence. 

A Dark Roast with Distinction:

Expertly roasted in small batches, our Dark Roast is brought to perfection, carefully calibrated to a dark roast profile that reveals the best traditional Kona Coffee flavor. We take pride in never roasting too dark, preserving the inherent qualities of these prized beans.

Roasting Profile:

  • Roast Level: Dark

  • Drop Temperature: 440°F

Tasting Notes:

Prepare your senses for a symphony of flavors:

  • Toasted Nuts: A rich and nutty complexity.

  • Tobacco: A subtle smokiness with a hint of earthiness.

  • Molasses: Offering depth and sweetness.

  • Burnt Marshmallow: A warm, comforting note.

  • Silky, Creamy Full Body: A luxurious mouthfeel that caresses your palate.

Best Brewing Method:

For our Dark Roast, the French press is the preferred brewing method, as it complements the bold and robust character of this coffee. It's a perfect match for those who seek a full-bodied and deeply flavorful coffee experience.

Join our coffee club to enjoy a 10% discount throughout your subscription and secure a constant supply of this exceptional Dark Roast. At Hala Tree Coffee, we invite you to savor the timeless taste of Kona in every cup.

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  • 5
    Dark roast coffee

    Posted by Marsha Hershey on Jun 21st 2024

    I found this coffee delicious. My new favorite

  • 5
    Best Kona Coffee

    Posted by COLLEEN MCCLINTOCK on Feb 12th 2024

    The quality of this coffee is evident from the first sip! If you love Kona and you love dark roast, you can't go wrong with Hala Tree Dark Roast!

  • 5
    Dark Roast

    Posted by R on Nov 28th 2023

    First time to try- delicious, wonderful aroma. Such a treat from the everyday bunn coffee at workplace

  • 5
    Hala Tree no ka oi

    Posted by Darcy Mouton on Jul 14th 2023

    Visited the farm on the big island in June. Have been addicted ever since.

  • 5
    Great coffee

    Posted by Michael Thompson on Jun 1st 2023

    Love the coffee will purchase more thanks

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