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Where to Buy Organic Kona Coffee

Where to Buy Organic Kona Coffee

Posted by Hala Tree Coffee on Nov 7th 2022

Where can I buy organic Kona Coffee?

You may be asking yourself, “Where can I buy organic Kona Coffee?” Well the easy answer is Kona. Kona (otherwise known as Kailua-Kona) is a city on the Big Island of Hawaii. With a beautiful coastline and tropical jungles, we highly suggest visiting. The nature of the land here makes for absolutely delicious coffee, known all over the world for its consistently high quality. Coffee farms here are a great place to stock up and buy organic Kona coffee.

Before You Buy Organic Kona Coffee…

Coffee leaf rust or CLR is a fungus that kills coffee trees worldwide. As of today, there is no real protection against it, only products that slow down the infestation for a limited time. The impact of this disease is very fast defoliation of trees and very rapid death if not treated. Coffee leaf rust causes coffee yields to be reduced substantially.

Coffee leaf rust was not found in Hawaii until just about 1 year ago. This makes Hawaii the last coffee region in the world to be impacted by CLR. When CLR was discovered last year, there were no products available to farmers to protect the coffee trees. No efficient treatments/products were approved locally by the agricultural department and CLR spread at a very fast pace. Some farms had to stump their fields in the hope that more efficient products would be available next season.

Being USDA Certified Organic makes it even more challenging to protect coffee trees as there are even fewer options to limit the damage. Farmers are trying very hard to manage the rust with organic products and are hoping to be able to protect farms this way. At the same time, it is important to understand that current mitigations may not be enough eventually, and that farmers may have to limit their organic yield, or stop it altogether.

Buy Organic Kona Coffee through a Subscription

Don’t risk running out! We’ve all been there, you wake up to make yourself a much needed pot of coffee, only to find the bag nearly empty. Ensure you’ll always have coffee with an organic Kona Coffee Subscription like this one. Subscriptions ensure you always have coffee and usually come with a discount. You don’t need to be in Kona to buy organic Kona coffee and enjoy a delicious fresh cup of 100% Kona coffee. Signing up for a Kona Coffee Subscription means you get a freshly-roasted 1 lb pack of 100% Kona Coffee delivered to your door every month.

Buy Organic Kona Coffee from Coffee Growers

The Big Island of Hawaii has many coffee farms. Most offer farm tours and samples, and seeing how coffee is grown and processed is one of the truly unique things to do in Kona. Visit these farms while you’re on island for an up close and personal coffee experience. Check out some of our favorite tours at Hala Tree Coffee here. While you’re there, buy organic Kona coffee and pick up a couple extra bags while you’re at it.


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