Where Can I Buy Real Kona Coffee?

Where Can I Buy Real Kona Coffee?

What IS Kona Coffee?

First things first, the name “Kona Coffee” is applied to any coffee grown and cultivated on the the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa, two gorgeous mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii. Coffee has to be grown in these Kona districts in order to be classified as Kona Coffee. The porous volcanic soil is rich in minerals and perfect for coffee-growing. Combine that with the sunny weather, misty rain falls, and mild nights, and you get the rich and delicious Kona Coffee. All these qualities make Kona Coffee one of the most expensive in the world.

Is Kona Coffee Worth It?

Now that you know more about it, hopefully you have a better understanding of what Kona Coffee is and what actually qualifies as Kona Coffee. Even with this background knowledge, you’ll still need to try a taste of Kona Coffee in order to fully appreciate what makes it so special. So is Kona Coffee worth it? You’ll have to be the judge but if you want the opinion of someone passionate about coffee, the answer is yes!

Where can I buy real Kona Coffee?

You’ve probably heard of Kona Coffee, and if you love coffee a fraction as much as we do, then you’ve definitely heard of Kona Coffee. So, whether you’re visiting Hawaii or just looking for your next delicious world-renowned cup o’ joe, you may be asking yourself “Where can I buy real Kona Coffee?”

Well the easy answer is Kona. Kona (otherwise known as Kailua-Kona) is a city on the Big Island of Hawaii. With a beautiful coastline and tropical jungles, we highly suggest visiting. The nature of the land here makes for absolutely delicious coffee, known all over the world for its consistently high quality.

Shop for Kona Coffee Online

You’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to fly over to Hawaii to get your Kona Coffee fix. Many of the local farms sell their products online. Look for producers that guarantee a timeline (grinding your coffee no more than 24 hours before shipment, etc.) for the freshest, most aromatic options.

Get a Kona Coffee Subscription

Don’t risk running out! We’ve all been there, you wake up to make yourself a much needed pot of coffee, only to find the bag nearly empty, we shudder just to remember. Ensure you’ll always have coffee with a Kona Coffee Subscription like this one (LINK). Subscriptions ensure you always have coffee and usually come with a discount, so everybody wins (and by “everybody, we mean “you”). You don’t need to be in Kona to enjoy a delicious fresh cup of 100% Kona coffee. Signing up for a Kona Coffee Subscription means you get a freshly-roasted 1 lb pack of 100% Kona Coffee delivered to your door every month.

Buy Kona Coffee from Organic Coffee Growers

The Big Island of Hawaii has many coffee farms. Most offer farm tours and samples, and seeing how coffee is grown and processed is one of the truly unique things to do in Kona. Visit these farms while you’re on island for an up close and personal coffee experience. Check out some of our favorite tours HERE (LINK).