Kona Decaf Coffee

Kona Decaf Coffee

We’ve gone through periods where we stepped away from caffeine, but just because you aren’t looking for a morning or mid-day pick-me-up doesn’t mean you have to step away from that aromatic, delicious cup of coffee! We are huge proponents of Kona Decaf Coffee, it has all the nuances and signature flavor of Kona coffee without the extra dose of energy. We especially love enjoying a cup of Kona decaf coffee after dinner or on cooler winter nights (hey, it can get chilly in Hawaii too!)

Where can I buy Kona Decaf Coffee?

Kona coffee HAS to be grown in Kona to be classified as “Kona coffee”, so the easy answer is that you can buy Kona decaf coffee in Kona! Kona (otherwise known as Kailua-Kona) is a city on the Big Island of Hawaii with a beautiful coastline and tropical jungles. The nature of the land here makes for absolutely delicious coffee, known all over the world for its consistently high quality. Since Kona Coffee has to come from Kona districts in order to be classified as “Kona Coffee”, all your Kona decaf coffee needs will originate right here! But even if you don’t find yourself on island to stock up on Kona coffee in person, buying Kona decaf coffee online is simple!

Buy Kona Decaf Coffee Online

You’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to fly over to Hawaii to get your Kona Decaf Coffee fix. Many of the local farms sell their products online and have a variety of options for you to consider. Shop Hala Tree Farm for both caffeinated and decaffeinated Kona coffee options.

Kona Decaf Coffee Subscriptions

Many local farms in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii not only sell packs of their coffee online, but offer amazing Kona coffee subscription clubs with exclusive benefits and access for members. Ensure you’ll always have coffee with a Kona Decaf Coffee Subscription club like this one through Hala Tree. Subscriptions ensure you always have coffee and usually come with a discount, so everybody wins.

Signing up for a Kona Decaf Coffee Subscription means you get freshly-roasted packs of Kona Decaf Coffee delivered to your door every month. Kona coffee subscription clubs also allow you to choose what kind of coffee and how much coffee you get delivered with no hassle. Choose between a variety of offered roasts, order whole coffee beans to grind yourself, or save yourself some time and get your coffee pre-ground for you.

About Hala Tree Kona Decaf Coffee Subscription Club

Hala Tree’s coffee club is truly a subscription for coffee lovers. It lets you choose between their rich and aromatic Dark Roast as either Standard or Decaf. Order whole coffee beans to grind yourself, or save yourself some time and have it pre-ground for you. Rest assured, your order is ground no more than 24 hours before shipping.

To check out some Kona Coffee Subscription club options, look into the Hala Tree Coffee Club. Members of this club get additional benefits besides the guarantee of shipped-to-your-door delicious coffee.

  • Free coffee mug with first delivery
  • Orders are conveniently shipped to your home or office every month
  • Coffee supply guaranteed for the duration of your membership
  • 10% off online price