Certified Organic Kona Coffee

Our Naturals are made with a unique process where the coffee beans are dried inside the cherry. As it dries, the beans separate from the pulp. This results in a sweeter and more fruity flavor.

The quality control for this product is key to have a constant high quality coffee. The picking of the coffee is happening during the wet season and drying is the most important step for the beans to be perfect. Our machines are set to avoid any molding as it could happen on a drying deck. This gives you the perfect cup of coffee every time.

 Our Naturals were the best in the latest Hawaii Coffee Association cupping competition.

Roast :

Medium, drop at 406 F after the first crack

Tasting notes :

Balsamic vinaigrette, brown sugar, tangerine, black cherry, mulled wine, strawberry, honeysuckle, butterscotch, lime, candy like.

A lot of delicate nuances and complexity.

Brewing methods :

Pour over is the best brewing method for this coffee.

Kona coffee Naturals

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