Organic Kona Coffee: Dark Roast

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100% Kona Coffee: Dark Roast 

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Our Dark Roast Organic Kona Coffee is comprised of only the highest grade coffee beans, Extra Fancy. They are grown and hand-picked only on our USDA Certified Organic farm and then processed using the Wet Fermented method to ensure quality. The Extra Fancy beans are the largest, most flavorful Kona Coffee beans and are the most valued beans among coffee aficionados. These beans are expertly roasted in small batches to a dark roast—never too dark—to bring out the best in traditional Kona Coffee flavor

Roast: Dark, drop 440 F 
Tasting Notes: Toasted nuts, tobacco, molasses, burnt marshmallow Silky, creamy full body
Best Brewing Method: French press is the best brewing method for our dark roast.