​Different Coffee Varieties

​Different Coffee Varieties

Why plant different coffee varieties?

Coffee varieties matter to farmers because some require specific growing conditions, have better yield, and may be more or less susceptible to disease. As a consumer it matters because different coffee varieties have different flavors. Some varieties are known for their sweet taste (like bourbon) others are known for tea-like qualities, (like Geisha). Of course coffee variety isn’t the only factor that affects flavor; growing conditions, process and roast all affect the favor of your cup of coffee.

At Hala Tree Coffee we cultivate Typica as our main crop, which is after all Heritage Kona. We have also hand picked a handful of other varieties such as Red Bourbon, SL28, Geisha, Pacamara, and Marangogype for their excellent cupping qualities.

Hala Tree Coffee Varieties:

Heritage Kona -

Typica makes up the majority of coffee trees in Kona and is our main crop. It is the most popular variety and is known for its brightness, citrusy flavor and excellent cupping quality.

Cupping Quality

SL28 -

This coffee variety was created by Scott Laboratories in Kenya in the 1930. In an attempt to develop a stronger, drought-resistant variety. Although the goal wasn’t achieved they succeeded in creating delicious coffee, with an intensely citric, sweet, balance and complex flavor. This tree produces large beans, has exceptional cupping quality and has a very high yield.

(First and very promising crop season 2020)

Cupping Quality

Geisha -

Geisha originated in Ethiopia in the 1930’s. This coffee variety produces a delicate, black-tea body with a zest of bergamot. The Geisha tree is a tall tree, with green + brown leaves and produces average sized coffee beans. This variety of coffee has exceptional cupping quality.

(First and very promising crop 2020)

Cupping Quality

Red Bourbon -

This variety originated in Yemen and is a natural mutation of Typica. These trees are generally more round then Typica. Their leaves are slightly more broad and they produce more spherical fruit. This coffee variety produces great quality coffee beans and is known for its sweet, complex flavors and great cupping quality.

Hala Tree Coffee will be planting this season

Pacamara -

This is a cross between Pacas and Maragogipe. Like the others we have chosen to grow this variety has exceptional cupping qualities. This tree produces very large beans and has a good yield potential. The flavor profile for this coffee is outstanding, with sweet citrus notes, a balanced flavor with hints of floral.

Cupping Quality

Maragogipe -

Marangogype is a natural mutation of Typica discovered near Maragogipe, in Brazil in 1870. This coffee has very large beans and is known for its very good cupping qualities.

Cupping Quality

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