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Kona Coffee Plantation

Our family owned and operated Kona coffee plantation is nested on the picturesque slopes of one of Hawaii active volcano Mauna Loa , overlooking the Historical Kealakekua Bay. It is located in Captain Cook village in the heart of Kona Coffee Belt. It is an old traditionally terraced Japanese farm that thrived for generations. When we bought the land it was sadly abandoned and neglected for over a decade. We worked hard to bring back the farm to its old glory. We cleared the land of unwanted plants and trees, we weeded, we pruned and fertilized those 80 year old coffee trees and it is very rewarding to see their lush, shiny, green leaves today.

We work only with organic products and do not use pesticides of any kind, we are USDA Organic certified.

Those 6 acres land are with many fruit trees, apple bananas, mangoes, lychees, papayas, avocados, mountain apples, persimmons, cherimoyas, nonis, ulus (bread fruit), citruses and guavas. We harvest guavas to make delicious jam.

The upper part of the property was mostly a tropical forest, so we cleared and terraced 2 acres and planted new grafted trees.

We started a 15 acre new field from scratch in the middle of an Ohia forest. With new coffee trees from our nursery planted in row and perennial peanuts as ground coverage to help with nitrogen and soil erosion. It was done with self sustainability in mind all the way around.

We left some patches of undisturbed land too steep to be tamed and terraced, only removing invasive unwanted species. This natural habitat will one day be a beautiful guava forest with all kind of wild ginger and many different kind of ferns.

We want our farm to be as healthy and productive as beautiful.

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