Medium Roast

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100% Kona Coffee: Medium Roast 

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Our most popular roast, one that brings out the classic taste of Kona Coffee that is legendary throughout the world. Grown only on our Organic farm and hand-picked, ensuring that only the best beans go into this exceptional coffee. The coffee beans are processed using the Wet Fermentation method and only the largest beans – Extra Fancy – are selected for this, our signature medium roast coffee. Always freshly roasted in small batches to ensure that our coffee drinkers receive only the highest quality and freshest coffee – direct from the Hala Tree farm.

Roasting: Medium, drop 412 F
Tasting Notes: Black tea, red fruits, blackcurrant, light molasses, cream. Lingering aftertaste and a creamy silky texture.
Best Brewing Method:All brewing methods work nicely with this coffee