Mamaki Tea

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Organic Mamaki Tea

Our USDA Certified Mamaki Tea is a herbal tea that is native to the Island of Hawaii. It is known to promote a healthy immune system; reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol; cleanse toxins from the blood as well as releases stress and fatigue. In ancient Hawaiian culture, Mamaki is linked with good health and longevity. Our Organic Mamaki Tea is consumed as a healing herbal tea and is naturally caffeine free. It has three different types of antioxidants identified in its leaves. Best of all, it is delicious both as a warm and iced tea!


Iced Mamaki Tea Recipe

To be prepared the night before. Use a quarter of the bag for a quart of boiling water, cover and let sit overnight. In the morning you will have a strong tea, deep red in color. Drain the leaves add more water pour over ice. You can also add lemon juice and simple syrup to make a "Mamaki Palmer" for a sweet alternative. 

ENJOY a deliciously refreshing beverage.