Why Sort Coffee Beans?

Why Sort Coffee Beans?

Not all coffee beans are created equal some are underdeveloped, small, broken or even defective. Of course sorting beans also allows us to grade our coffee. We separate the peaberries, extra large beans, smaller beans, etc.

A Defective Bean:

Good News!! The beans that fall under this category will NEVER make it to your cup. These beans are beans that have broken during processing, have been affected by coffee borers, under dried or have other defects that we wouldn’t want coffee lovers to get in their coffee cup. Of course this would include any foreign matter such as rocks or sticks

Examples of Defective Bean

Defective Coffee Bean

“Different sizes, different taste and coffee grade “

How Coffee is Sorted by Size?

Extra Fancy Coffee: this is the largest beans with the least of defects. This is usually the most expensive type of Kona Coffee. This coffee has a mild flavor and smooth palate. Extra Fancy makes up about 20% of Kona Coffee and is considered to the truest form of Kona Coffee.

Fancy: this is the slightly smaller bean then extra fancy.

Peaberry: this is the smallest pea shaped bean. This is actually an anomaly and makes up only about 3-5% of the entire seasons harvest. A coffee cherry usually produces two coffee bean in each fruit. A cherry that produces one bean in on cherry is called a peaberry. This bean is more round in shape and therefore can roast more evenly. These beans may be small but they have twice the flavor and is quite a robust coffee.

Kona Prime: this is the smallest of the Kona coffee beans but still hold the traditional shape of a green coffee bean. This coffee does not have as high of a grade and may not be as mild as the other Kona grade coffee.

Kona Coffee:  Is an average sized coffee bean and makes up the majority for the seasons crop. This is still great coffee with a very smooth, sweet and with mild acidity.

Watch a quick video to see how we do this.

As you can see, the term Kona Coffee can refer to a variety of beans ranging in size, shape and quality. Knowing how Kona Coffee is classified allows you to look for quality beans. This is why it is our goal at Hala Tree Coffee to produce the highest standard, so that you can enjoy the flavor of The Big Island as it is meant to be. When purchasing Hala Tree Coffee the lowest grade coffee you will receive is Extra Fancy. So you can trust you are getting the best quality beans in your cup.