Organic Kona Coffee

 Hala Tree is home to a wide selection of Single-Estate Organic Kona coffees, including our signature Medium and Dark roast organic coffees, the rare and highly-prized Peaberry coffee, our unique and flavorful Kona Naturals, our Honeyed coffee, our popular Black and Tan, as well as our Kona Decaf coffee—something for everyone.

What does it mean to be Single-Estate Organic Kona coffee? That means 100% of the coffee we sell is grown on our farm in Kona, Hawaii. We do not mix or blend beans from other farms: every bean is grown, picked and processed on the Hala Tree coffee farm in Kona, Hawaii. This allows us to have meticulous control over every step of the process and meet the rigorous USDA Certified Organic standards. For coffee lovers, this means you will enjoy the pure, unique taste of coffee from our farm. The difference is remarkable!

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