100% Kona Coffee: Peaberry

Peaberry beans come from the same trees as regular coffee. Normally, two beans grow inside a coffee cherry but occasionally the cherry only produces one bean,  known as a Peaberry. Peaberry beans tend to be smaller, round, heavier and represent only 3 to 5 % of the whole crop. The Peaberry’s round shape enable it to roast more evenly, resulting in a noticeably sweeter and more intense flavor. These rare beans are the ultimate choice for coffee lovers.

Hala Tree Kona Coffee Peaberry

Roast: Medium, drop at 406 F

Tasting Notes: sweet, cocoa powder, prune

Best Brewing Methods: All brewing methods work nicely with this coffee

Certified Organic Kona Coffee 

At Hala Tree Coffee we take pride in not only the Kona Coffee we produce but also in the process in which the coffee is made. We are a certified organic Kona coffee farm. Which means all our products is free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes. 

Organic Kona Coffee: Peaberry

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