Organic Kona Coffee: Black & Tan

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Black & Tan Certified Organic Kona Coffee

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Like all of our Kona coffee, our Black & Tan is made with our hand-picked Extra Fancy beans, the largest and most flavorful beans. Our prize-winning USDA Certified Organic farm in Kona, Hawaii is the origin of this (and all) our coffees.

Black & Tan is a blend of micro-batch roasted medium and dark roast beans. This provides a great unique cup of coffee that is uniquely balanced and flavorsome. We are the only Kona Coffee farm offering Certified Organic Black and Tan Kona Coffee.

Roasting: Mix of 50% Medium and 50% Dark
Tasting notes: Savory, sweet, cola, black currant, molasses, honey,rye, nutty Heavy body, lingering aftertaste
Best Brewing methods: All brewing methods work nicely with this coffee