Certified Organic Kona Coffee

Peaberry  beans are coming from the same trees as the regular coffee. Normally, two beans grow inside a coffee cherry but occasionally the cherry only produces one bean, known as a Peaberry. Peaberry beans tend to be smaller, round and heavier and represent only 3 to 5 % of the whole crop. The Peaberry’s round shape enable it to roast more evenly, resulting in a noticeably sweeter and more intense flavor. These rare beans are the ultimate choice for coffee lovers.

Roasting :

Medium, drop at 406 F

Tasting notes :

Cocoa, earl gray, black tea, prune, sweet, sweet spice, apple

Silky and creamy body

Brewing methods :

All but French press methods work nicely with this coffee

Kona Coffee Peaberry

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