Why Drink Organic Coffee?

Why Drink Organic Coffee?

Two reasons to Drink Organic Coffee:

  • Better for the environment
  • Better for you

Let’s keep it simple… Leaving out the bad stuff leaves more room for the good stuff.

Better for the environment:
Organic Coffee does not use synthetic fertilizers of chemicals which produces a cleaner bean, cleaner air, land and water. Here at Hala Tree Coffee we only use organic fertilizers and we combat climate change by emitting less carbon than coffee farms that use conventional fertilizers.

Better for you:
Chemicals can be really harmful to you as well as wildlife. Being Certified Organic means you are getting the purest coffee bean there is. No chemicals, no harmful pesticides and no GMO’s. Organic Coffee beans are richer in healthy antioxidants and many people can even taste the difference.

Trust the label. Not all products that claim to be organic are 100% organic. To be sure that what you purchase is indeed organic you should purchase products that are Certified Organic. These products are held to a much higher slandered can help consumers trust that no harmful chemicals have been used during any part of production.

Hala Tree Coffee gets audited by USDA once a year. We need to make sure we keep track of everything we do on our farm. This means we can tell you who picked the beans you purchased, when they were picked and roasted. The majority of large processors on the Big Island are not Organic so we are proud to be Certified Organic and believe in sustainable farming. This is generally important but even more so when we live on an Island. Our practices effect our ecosystem, oceans, air quality, etc. Hala Tree Coffee is one of the largest Organic 100% Kona Coffee farms on the Island and we will continue to provide great quality coffee while staying environmentally conscious.