Why Choose Organic Coffee Organic??

Why Choose Organic Coffee Organic??


Organic vs Non Organic Farming

Organic Non Organic
cleaner beans, air, land, and water. synthetic fertilizers or chemicals may be used in growing or production
coffee beans are richer in healthful antioxidants

BEST of all, Hala Tree Coffee is 100% Organic 100% Kona AND it doesn’t cost more then the average cup of 100% Kona Coffee.

Hala Tree CoffeeAverage Kona Coffee
1lb $481lb $55

In simple terms organic refers to the way the farmer has grown and processed their crop. In our case of course we are talking about coffee. Organic crops have no additives or harmful chemicals used. Organic foods are not used with GMO’s, contain no synthetic pesticides, roundup herbicides, hexane, sewage sludge, or growth-promoting antibiotics. In order to be Certified Organic a farm must keep track of their crop during the entire process and be able to produce evidence that no harmful chemicals have been used.

It is of course easier to be non organic. Certain products used in non organic farming can make the farm easier to manage and give the farmer a higher yield. Sounds great for the farmer but what about the consumer and the environment?

Non Organic Farm                                            Organic Farm 

At the end of the day the products used by farmers are important not only for the health of consumers but also of the environment. If chemicals are used for fertilizing, weeding, etc. these products travel much farther then just the farm using it. It runs down streams, into the ocean and these chemicals can stay in the ground for years.

We decided to be fully organic (USDA certified). We don't use any chemicals on our farm. It is clearly more work, but we are proud to help our Planet.

For the past 4 years we have been within the top coffees in Kona and Hawaii. Our goal is always to be at the top possible quality, to innovate and explore with new methods but to keep them within the Organic concept.

At Hala Tree Coffee we believe in sharing knowledge and working together. So we help other farmers to become Organic by going to their farm, explaining what it is to be truly Organic. To date, we have helped other farmers turn 20 acres of non organic farmland to USDA Certified Organic and another 20 acres will soon follow.

With all this Why Not Organic ?