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​Why buy coffee direct from a farm?

​Why buy coffee direct from a farm?

Posted by Christelle Graham on Jul 11th 2019

It isn’t a surprise that as the over-industrialization of farming becomes more prevalent, people start to generally question where their goods come from. The same degree of consideration that you give your avocados and potatoes in the grocery store should be applied to your coffee. The coffee industry is massive. There are large multi-billion dollar companies that mass produce coffee, and small organic family farms that do everything from pick the cherries themselves, to drying the beans, to roasting the coffee and even placing the labels on the bags.

So you may ask yourself “why should I care where my coffee comes from?”

It is a reasonable question. The answer may be different for everyone. Perhaps you care that your coffee is sourced from farms that are ecologically mindful. Or maybe you want single origin coffee for consistency purposes. While both of those are true with Hala Tree and important, we want to point out another reason as to why you should buy directly from a farm like ours. That reason is quality. We talk a lot about quality of coffee on this blog; but let’s talk about it in the context of choosing where to buy your coffee.

First, let’s talk about the general ‘buckets’ for where you can purchase coffee. First, you have large chain grocery stores. While you can certainly find a variety of coffee products, it will be fairly predictable in the options and will more than likely consist of mainly coffee brands that mass-produce their coffee. Next, you can go to local coffee shops or roasting companies. There you will likely find coffee roasted in-house using green beans sourced from farms all over the world. Lastly, you can buy directly from a coffee farm. This is the part that you need to do your research. Depending on the size of the farm and their operational capabilities, they could either be growing and roasting their own coffee, or supplementing their supply with green beans from other farms.

At Hala Tree, we always grow and roast our own coffee. We never sell blends, and we never purchase green beans from other farms to sell to our customers. This goes back to the quality component of buying directly from a farm like ours. Our philosophy is we can only control quality if we are responsible for the beans from the soil to your cup. We grow using organic farming practices, we pick only the ripest beans, we dry our own coffee and we roast each batch to order to ensure every bag is as fresh as it can be. We even go one step further, we package all of our roasted coffee on site by hand, we pack up our orders in our own truck and drive it down to the post office to send each order on it’s own little journey to you for you to enjoy.

We take pride in our coffee and believe that you deserve only the best. So go over to our online store and experience the taste of Kona. Enjoy!

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