Know your Kona Coffee

Know your Kona Coffee

What is Kona coffee blend?

Kona coffee is considered to be one of the world’s best coffees. Kona blend can only be 10% Kona coffee combined with coffee sources elsewhere. There are many varieties of blends out there but if you want to purchase true Kona coffee you need to make sure the label clearly says “100% Kona coffee”.

What is “100% Kona coffee”?

In order to be called “100% Kona coffee” the coffee must be grown in the the Kona coffee growing region known as the Kona coffee belt. The Kona coffee district has the perfect micro climate and soil conditions required for growing healthy flourishing coffee trees. Kona coffee can also be set apart by the way the coffee is produced. Most Kona coffee farms hand pick their coffee cherries allowing only the best quality cherries to be picked. Kona coffee is considered premium gourmet coffee and the only coffee that is pure Kona coffee will say “100% Kona coffee” on the label.

Don’t get tricked

If you are purchasing Kona coffee be sure to pay attention to the label and be aware of what you are purchasing. If you are buying Kona coffee from a store anywhere other than Kona, you are very likely purchasing a Kona blend. Hawaii has a state law that requires a minimum of 10% Kona coffee in order to be considered “Kona coffee”. The main land on the other hand does not have a law like this, meaning “Kona blend” may have 0% Kona coffee.

The truth is, Kona coffee blends could have a VERY small amount of Kona Coffee in it, if any. The rest of the beans could very well be low grade coffee beans from any other region. This could be confusing for consumers who believe they are purchasing Kona Coffee and getting a good deal on a purchase, when in fact they are getting a low percentage of Kona coffee and potentially low grade coffee. This is just dishonest to the consumer and could potentially diminish the quality of the Kona brand

Why does it matter?

Kona coffee is some of the best quality coffee out there. It offers high quality beans which can then be roasted to perfection to create rich, flavorful coffee. 100% Kona coffee can get expensive but its worth the extra dollars. Once you’ve tried 100% Kona coffee you’ll know exactly what makes Kona Coffee so special.

How to find real Kona Coffee