How to Store your Coffee

How to Store your Coffee

So you got yourself a nice pound of high quality Hala Tree Coffee. You open the bag and smell the perfectly roasted beans. You carefully measure out the beans, grind them up, place the grounds in your French press and make yourself an amazing up of coffee. You head back to your kitchen counter where you find a relatively full but open bag of coffee. You scratch your head and wonder "how do I store these beans?" It is a valid question and one that you need answered!

The bottom line is that your coffee beans hate a lot of things. They hate open air, they hate light, they hate moisture and they hate excessive heat. Coffee requires special care and the right conditions to maintain flavor and quality. All that being said, there are a couple of options for storing your beans.

The most optimal choice is an air-tight container. Ideally you want this container to be opaque to avoid light from hitting the beans. You can purchase containers specifically designed for storing coffee, or you can get generic containers that (for the most part) meet the same specifications. One thing to consider is sticking with a ceramic or wood container. This will allow you to avoid plastic which can sometimes introduce an odor to the beans.

You want to avoid storing your beans in clear glass or open jars. This will cause the beans to come in contact with the elements that can cause them to spoil. In addition, you want to ensure there is no water in the air-tight jar before placing your beans in it, as this can promote mold growth.

If you find yourself without the proper storage container, the next best thing is keeping your beans in the bag that they came in. The only thing to consider is how you seal the bag. Some coffee bags come with a zip-lock component to them. If the bag doesn't, you can roll the top of the bag down and keep it closed with a rubber band wrapped around it. If you do roll down the top and use the rubber band method, make sure you force as much air out as possible.

So that is it! Make sure you store your coffee appropriately so you can continue to enjoy the way it is suppose to taste! This is particularly important when it comes to storing high quality coffee. So remember: keep it dry, room temperature, away from light and in an air tight container.