How to tell if your coffee is fresh?

How to tell if your coffee is fresh?

- Smell your beans -

Fresh roasted coffee beans are known to give off a strong aroma. If you have a hard time smelling your beans you may not have a fresh batch of coffee beans.

- Is there a glossy appearance? -

When coffee beans are roasted they are exposed to high heat which draws out an oil like substance that coast the outside of the bean.

- Check for oil residue -

Fresh roasted coffee should leave a residue on your hands and or the bag. If you see this residue your beans are fresh and ready for brewing.

- Check for a valve -

Freshly roasted coffee beans release CO2, so if your bag doesn’t have a valve then those beans are not releasing CO2. This means your coffee beans are not fresh.

- If you still need more proof: use the Ziploc bag test: -

All you need to do is put a handful of beans in a Ziploc bag. Take all the air out, close the bag and leave over night. If your bag has inflated through the night your beans are releasing CO2 and are fresh. 


The best way to make sure your coffee is fresh is by not purchasing large quantities, especially when it is ground coffee. Order what you need. Hala Tree Coffee can deliver freshly roasted 100% Kona coffee to your door each month. No need to drink stale or low flavored coffee again.