Cupping Coffee at Home

Cupping Coffee at Home

Order Hala Tree Coffee and do your own cupping. Let us know what you think.

Cupping Coffee at Home. Just for Fun!

1 st Grind the beans: immediately after grinding the beans take the time to evaluate the fragrance.

2 nd Pour Water: pour hot water directly over the ground coffee beans. Make sure they are all covered by water and take note of the aroma that rise from the coffee.

3 rd Break the crust: after letting the coffee sit for about 5 minuets use a spoon and break the crust and take note of the aroma once more.

4 th Remove the grounds:

5 th Flavor Evaluation: use a clean spoon to taste each coffee. Take note of the acidity, mouth feel, flavors

What to look for when cupping?

  • Does it smell fresh? Stale? Over roasted? Under-roasted?
  • What fragrance can you smell when the grounds are wet?
  • What is the acidity/ liveliness of the coffee?
  • Body. This is the feel of the coffee in your mouth: full, rich, fat, thin
  • What Flours can you pick up? Honey, malt, nutty, etc.
  • Finish. What does the coffee leave in your mouth? Sweet, bitter, dry, etc.

Identifying flavors

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s SCAA Flavor Wheel is a great reference for referencing flavors. It’s a great visual prompt for identifying flavor and aroma