Complexities of Coffee

Complexities of Coffee

The average person has an average of 10,000 tasting buds which as we get older start to diminish. That being said this leaves room for A LOT of different flavors and taste we can experience through what we eat and drink.

Many people know the complexities found in wine. We have heard of tasting notes and varietals. Wine has about 200 tasting notes. This seams like a large number of tasting notes until you hear how complex coffee is. Yes, that’s right coffee is 3 times more complex then wine with over 800 tasting notes.

So, what are tasting notes?

To keep it simple it is a description of aroma, taste identification, acidity, structure, texture, and balance.

Q Grader:

Q graders are the sommelier of coffee. They have gone through the training and exercised their palate to taste differences between different roasts, origins, and flavors of coffee. They can detect the smallest hints and variation in flavor in each cup of coffee. As a consumer you can take steps to exercise your pallet and train yourself to differentiate between flavors and roasts.

How do you read coffee tasting notes?

It is important to realize that coffee needs to be freshly roasted and freshly ground for inherent flavors to be brought out. This is why it is important to know when you coffee was roasted and for best coffee quality it is best to purchase whole bean so you can grind your beans minuets before brewing your coffee.

Consumers should know that tasting notes does not mean flavor and coffee will taste like coffee. Tasting notes describe the subtle deviations from taste.

Cup coffee like the professionals (READ DIRECTIONS)

This Season Hala Tree Coffee is introducing two coffee tasting boxes. These are perfect gifts for those coffee lovers and also is the perfect set to help train your pallet to differentiate between different tasting notes and flavors. We will now offer our Heritage tasting box and Typica three ways. All of these coffees come from the same varietal of tree but will be featuring different roasts and coffee processes. This is the perfect way to see the range of flavors that can come from just one coffee bean varietal.

Heritage Tasting Box:

This will be our coffee box that will feature three different roasts (Dark, Medium, and Black & Tan) All three coffees will be using the wet washed method the only difference will be at what temperature they were roasted to. The box will also come with information about each roast. Including: tasting notes, tasting wheel, best brewing method, and more.

Typica Three Ways:

Our Typica Three Ways will feature three different coffee processes. (Naturals, Honey, Peaberry) All coffee beans will come from our Kona Typica Trees but the beans will be processed differently after picking. This will bring out different flavor profiles. This box will also come with a description of each process, tasting notes and tasting wheel, as well as best brewing method for each roast.