100% Kona Coffee: Gift Basket: 2x8oz 

We’ve made premium coffee gift giving easy and delicious

This gift basket features: 2 x 8oz packs of 100% Kona Coffee

Choose from any selection of our award-winning single-estate Kona coffees:

Medium Roast • Dark Roast • Black & Tan • Peaberry • Naturals • Honey

You can order whole coffee beans, or pre-ground coffee ready for use.

Simply state the fineness of grind - drip, espresso or French Press - and we’ll do the rest. The beans will be ground less then 24 hours before shipping to ensure freshness and the best taste possible. 

Certified Organic Kona Coffee 

At Hala Tree Coffee we take pride in not only the Kona Coffee we produce but also in the process in which the coffee is made. We are a certified organic Kona coffee farm. Which means all our products is free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes. 

Gift Basket: 2 x 8oz

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