​Not all Kona Coffee is Equal

​Not all Kona Coffee is Equal

Kona Coffee Categories

Why do Hawaiian coffees vary greatly from one product or brand to another? Kona coffee is known to be a subtle but rich coffee and this is all due to the unique growing conditions found on the Kona Coffee Belt. So how do you insure you get the best quality coffee?

There are 3 categories for Kona Coffee:

  • 1.Estate Grown 100% Kona Coffee

Estate Grown 100% Kona Coffee is produced on one farm. It is grown, processed and sold by one farm. This insures consistency and good product quality.

  • 2.100% Kona Coffee

This product is a result of mixed cherries from multiple farms. This can be a very good coffee. In fact, during the early years of Kona Coffee production most Kona coffee was a blend. This is because only large farms could afford the equipment to process the coffee, so most farmers were selling their cherries. Today Kona has 500 small coffee farms most of them only a couple of acres large

  • 3.Kona Coffee or 10% Kona Coffee

This Coffee has very little Kona coffee in it. So why is it called Kona Coffee? The legislation authorizes imported coffee to be mixed with Kona Coffee. As long as it has 10% of Kona coffee it can claim to be Kona Coffee. This has been a constant battle for Kona farmers and misleads customers as well.


  • -Extra fancy or fancy: this refers to the size of the beans and not to its quality. This coffee consists of the larger coffee beans that have medium body flavor and a smooth consistency. Roasting the beans of consistent size results in a more uniform roasting.
  • -Peaberry: is a single grain as opposed to the two halves of a regular bean. This coffee bean comes from coffee cherries that produce only one fruit instead of the usual two fruit per cherry. This bean does roast differently, possibly because of its shape. It represents less than 5% of any crop and because it is so rare it costs more.

At the end of the day Coffee is all about personal preference. Go out taste different 100% Kona Coffee and find the right one for you. You can do this by going to multiple farm tours and sampling their coffee and at multiple local markets. It is always a good idea to taste the coffee before purchasing it for yourself. It is a good idea to purchase your coffee directly from the farmer because you are guarantied to get freshly roasted coffee. Many local farms will ship freshly roasted coffee directly to your door step. So take back a bit of Hawaii and enjoy your cup of coffee.