100% Kona Coffee: Decaf

To make our 100% Kona Coffee Decaf we use the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) decaffeination method. This method is completely natural and does not use any chemicals. The CO2 captures the caffeine over about 24 hours in high pressure containers. 

This method guarantees that the coffee keeps all its flavor and original taste.

Hala Tree Kona Coffee Decaf 

Roast: Dark, drop 440 F

Tasting Notes: Toasted nuts, tobacco, molasses, burnt marshmallow, Silky and creamy full body

Best Brewing Method: French Press is the best brewing method for this coffee.

Certified Organic Kona Coffee 

At Hala Tree Coffee we take pride in not only the Kona Coffee we produce but also in the process in which the coffee is made. We are a certified organic Kona coffee farm. Which means all our products is free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes. 

Organic Kona coffee: Decaf

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