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100% Kona Coffee | Sauvignon Blanc

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Savor Rare Excellence with Hala Tree's Sauvignon Blanc Yeast Inoculated Red Bourbon

Prepare your palate for an extraordinary coffee experience as Hala Tree Coffee introduces the 2024 opening Micro Batch, the Sauvignon Blanc Yeast Inoculated Red Bourbon. A testament to our commitment to innovation and flavor exploration, this limited-edition offering promises to captivate coffee enthusiasts with its unique profile and exceptional tasting notes.

Red Bourbon Brilliance:

The Red Bourbon variety takes center stage in our latest creation, showcasing its remarkable adaptability to various processing methods. It serves as a blank canvas, allowing us to craft a coffee masterpiece that surprises even the most discerning connoisseurs. Hala Tree's dedication to excellence and creativity unfolds in every cup, delivering a sensory experience that pushes the boundaries of flavor exploration.

Tasting Notes:

Indulge in the exquisite tasting notes that define the Sauvignon Blanc Yeast Inoculated Red Bourbon:

Brown Sugar: The sweetness of brown sugar provides a delightful and nuanced foundation for the flavor profile.

Lemon: A burst of citrusy brightness that invigorates the senses and adds a refreshing twist to the cup.

Milk Chocolate: Velvet layers of milk chocolate create a luxurious and comforting experience.

Almond: A subtle crunch of almond introduces a delightful nuttiness, enhancing the overall complexity.

Black Tea: An earthy and sophisticated note, reminiscent of black tea, adds depth and intrigue to the ensemble.

Join the Club: Elevate Your Coffee Experience

For those who seek a continuous journey of exceptional coffee, we welcome you to join our exclusive Hala Tree Coffee Club. As a member, relish the convenience of having Red Bourbon 100% Kona Coffee delivered directly to your doorstep. Embrace the artistry of coffee and enjoy a 10% discount for the duration of your subscription, making every cup a delightful and cost-effective experience.


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